A NEWLY engaged couple, who met at a Colchester bar and nightclub, now have a permanent reminder of the place they first met.

Giles Saunders and Wendy Holland first crossed paths at Rubix bar and nightclub in Crouch Street, Colchester.

Now they have permanently inked a picture of their love story with matching tattoos.

Giles, 54, is a maths teacher at a grammar school and Wendy, 55, drives a minibus for St Joseph’s School in Ipswich. 

The symbolic tattoos, which are not their first, pay homage to the venue where their paths intertwined, further solidifying their commitment to one another.

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Giles and Wendy, who live in Colchester and were loyal patrons of Rubix bar, were captivated by the vibrant and lively atmosphere the venue offered.

Their shared affinity for the energetic atmosphere ultimately led them to a deep connection, prompting them to honour their engagement and the significant role Rubix played in their relationship through a unique expression.Gazette: Couple - Giles and Wendy celebrating their engagement with matching tattoosCouple - Giles and Wendy celebrating their engagement with matching tattoos (Image: Giles)

Explaining the significance behind their decision, Giles said: "We decided to get the tattoos done as we met at Rubix last year in November.

"Rubix Bar and Nightclub is a special place for us as were introduced to the venue by a mutual friend and the rest is history as we now have matching Rubix Tattoos and are engaged to get married."

The couple has not set a date for their wedding as they are saving up for a house.

They opted for matching Rubix tattoos, featuring the iconic Rubik's cube design alongside their special date, serving as a symbol of their love and the venue which brought them together.

Gazette: Tattoos - meaningful tattoos representing couple's favourite nightclub and bar Tattoos - meaningful tattoos representing couple's favourite nightclub and bar (Image: Giles)

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Jeremy Durrant, the director of Rubix Bar and Nightclub, expressed his excitement about the unique gesture from the couple.

He said: "I can honestly say this is a first for us, but what an honour to have two cherished regulars permanently brand themselves with our logo.

"The team and I are thrilled that Giles and Wendy found love while enjoying themselves at our venue, and I have already prepared my hat for the wedding."