AN established dance school is nearing the end of a momentous year as it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The Sandra Cheal School of Dancing in Coggeshall is set to celebrate its golden anniversary with a line up of captivating events and a legacy which has stood the test of time.

The festivities started with a spectacular showcase hosted at Honywood School, where talented students took centre stage, leaving the audience spellbound with their graceful performances.

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Honouring its rich history, the dance school organized an anniversary party, welcoming students, former students, and parents to rejoice in the accomplishments of the past half century.

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Established five decades ago in Coggeshall, the dance institution has remained resilient, even in the face of adversity.

Not even the challenges brought by the pandemic could dampen the spirits of the dedicated dancers.

Under new ownership, the school continues to thrive, preserving the cherished ethos that has guided it throughout the years.

What truly sets this school apart is the deep-rooted connection between the teachers and the school with each instructor having a personal tie to the school, having been either a former student or a parent of one.

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