A WEDDING weekend took a tricky turn when a newlywed groom was hit with two parking fines in a matter of hours - one of which came after a mere 11 minute wait in a car park.

Ron Stone was enjoying a lovely weekend last November after getting married to the love of his life in a ceremony which saw guests travel from far and wide.

The following day the newlyweds arranged to take their friends for lunch at Al Pacino Italy, in Museum Street, Colchester.

A nearby car park in Roman Road, off East Hill, was the natural choice, being just a short stroll away from the Italian restaurant.

Gazette: Frustrated - Ron StoneFrustrated - Ron Stone (Image: Ron Stone)

Pulling into the car park, which is managed by Euro Car Parks, Mr Stone was disappointed to see there was only one parking space available.

With his friends travelling in another vehicle, he sacrificed the space, waiting for a few moments to see if another space became available while his friends parked and paid.

After a short while, he gave up and left the car park in the hope of finding alternative parking nearby.

Mr Stone was then understandably shocked to see a £90 fine from the parking operator land on his doormat.

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“I was in the car park for a little over 11 minutes, according to Euro Car Parks,” said the 74-year-old.

"I contacted them to explain what had happened but was told to begin arbitration.

“I thought there would be no way they’d uphold the fine, but they did, and I then got a letter from a debt collection agency.

“I drove into the car park for a service, but I couldn’t get the service, so I left. This is an injustice.

“Their arbitrator didn’t find in my favour, and I now have a demand for £170.”

The frustrated motorist has now sought legal advice and expects the case will go to court, but a faux pas has left him even further out of pocket.

He admitted: “Because I had guests waiting at the restaurant and parking was difficult, I parked on the High Street and got a ticket.”

It set him back £35, which he paid immediately, acknowledging he shouldn't have been there.

Euro Car Parks and the debt collection agency have been approached for comment but at the time of publication they hadn’t responded.