AN iconic Colchester venue is set to close – and the city’s residents have been vocal about what they’d like to see replace it.

ATIK, the large nightclub in High Street, Colchester, is set to welcome its last clubbers on June 3.

We asked our readers what they think should move into the large city centre building, which has been the linchpin of Colchester’s nightlife scene for decades, and it seems many would like to see a revival of the nightclub’s former self.

Before becoming Liquid and Envy, and later ATIK, the nightclub was known as the Hippodrome and was once a longstanding theatre and live music venue, which an overwhelming majority of our readers would like to see return.

Gazette: Blast from the past - Colchester's HippodromeBlast from the past - Colchester's Hippodrome

One Gazette reader said: “I’d like a place for live music. I saw the mighty Saxon there back in the 90s and they blew the roof off.”

Another added: “Returning to a theatre or a live music venue would be fantastic but unfortunately I guess it will be gutted out and made into flats.

“With the proximity of the building to High Street and Castle Park, the building and flats would be worth a fortune.”

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Retaining a nightclub in the heart of the city centre was also a popular suggestion, with one reader suggesting: “Why can't they keep it as a night venue like it has been for years?

“Take that nightclub out of the city centre and Colchester nightlife really will hit rock bottom.”

Some readers are keen for something completely different to move into the site, with one reader saying: “Not another nightclub, that’s for sure.”

The most popular alternative suggestion was for an indoor skating rink, following the sore loss of Rollerworld, in Moorside, Colchester.

Gazette: Popular business - Rollerworld closed in NovemberPopular business - Rollerworld closed in November (Image: Archant)

The owners of the business have previously said they would like to stay in Colchester, but they have hinted they’re also looking at sites further afield, including the former Toys R Us store in Ipswich.

An indoor market is also a popular request.

Other suggestions included a soft play centre for children, a cabaret club, a food court, a youth club, and an indoor skiing centre.

Several big-name brands were also thrown into the ring – with readers desperate to see Morrisons, Zara, and John Lewis come to the High Street.

Gazette: In demand - MorrisonsIn demand - Morrisons

Speaking previously Sam Good, the manager of Colchester’s business improvement district, said Zara is “top of our list” for shops he wants to bring to the city centre.

Marks and Spencer was also mentioned, despite the retailer pulling out of the city centre in September, as was Woolworths, which entered administration in 2008.