THESE amazing pictures explore parts of the 60-year history associated with a large estate in Colchester.

Greenstead was once a small agricultural parish before being developed and recognised as one of the largest estates in the country.

In the 1960s, the council built the Greenstead estate to the southeast of Colchester.

It is well known for its magic roundabout, made up of five mini-roundabouts travelling around a central island.

These images show businesses which were open in the '70s, including Geoffrey's newsagents, G Wright fish caterers, J and G Burt and Nicklin hairdressers.

The pictures from the '80s, meanwhile show Forbuoys the Newsagent, a fish and chips shop and J and G Burt still standing.

Other photos show a dramatic scene where guns were reported stolen from a house in Greenstead.

The old photographs show police crowded in Howe Close in 1984 as well as an armed police officer in Winchester Road.

In the scene, that looks like something out of an old police film, the officer is lying on his back on the pavement next to an retro police van, with his rifle pointing in the air.

Members of the public can be seen watching the scene unfold in the background.

Elsewhere in our gallery a street view of Sycamore Road is depicted, as well as the corner of Spruce Avenue in 1995. 

A group of residents with large garden tools and a wheelbarrow - participating in a big clean up of the area - can also be spotted in Salary Brook.

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