VISITORS to Colchester’s city centre were treated to an exciting dance performance by the Colchester Morris Men group.

The dancing group treated visitors to two performances in a display of traditional dancing and music.

Firstly, the group performed in the bustling Lion Walk Church Square before moving on to present a second performance at Holly Trees Museum.

Gazette: Dancing - The Colchester Morris Men.Dancing - The Colchester Morris Men. (Image: Newsquest)

This year marks the Colchester Morris Men’s 70th anniversary, with a special roster of performances to mark the significant milestone.

Originally founded in 1926, the group disbanded during World War II, re-establishing itself in 1953 and remaining active in the community ever since.

Now embarking on their summer tour, which starts with performances in the city centre, the group will now dance regularly on Friday evenings, performing in the city centre and surrounding villages – usually at a pub.

Gazette: Performing - The group has embarked on its summer tour of Colchester venues.Performing - The group has embarked on its summer tour of Colchester venues. (Image: Newsquest)

Each performance lasts around 30 to 45 minutes and is accompanied by traditional instruments, such as the accordion, concertina, fiddle, pipe and whistle.

For more information on their group, and how you can catch them on their summer tour, visit