ONGOING roadworks have caused disruptions to drivers using the junction between Old Heath Road and Abbots Road in Colchester.

UK Power Networks applied for a licence to begin work on May 4, to be completed by May 11.

David Smith, one of the affected drivers, said there was a queue of vehicles from Tesco to the roadworks’ traffic lights while travelling from Old Heath to Clacton.

He added: “It’s putting 30 to 40 minutes on people’s journeys.

“What should take five minutes, takes 40 minutes.”

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Mike Lilley, councillor of the Old Heath and Hyde wards, said: “It’s all well and good – they put in on Thursday and haven’t started work.

“If they’d thought about other people, they should’ve thought about starting work after the weekend."

Mike highlighted drivers coming into Colchester from surrounding areas.

He said: “I would like them to put up lights, come into work on Tuesday morning, cause their chaos and get going.”


A spokesperson for UK Power Networks said: “Engineers are working to carry out repairs at a junction near Old Heath Road and Abbots Road in Colchester to maintain reliable power supplies in the area.

“Multiway signals are necessary to safely carry out this work which started on Wednesday 4 May and are due to be completed by 11 May. 

“We apologise for any disruption caused by our roadworks and will complete the work as quickly as possible.”