A Good Morning Britain viewer has watched the ITV programme so much that it has burnt the show's logo into her TV, a post on social media has claimed.

On the show this morning (Thursday, May 4) presenters Ben Shepherd and Kate Garraway shared a story relating to GMB that was posted to Reddit.

The post from MikeyGaming64 showed a picture of his Mum's TV screen, which has the GMB logo appearing on the bottom left-hand corner of the TV despite the TV not being set to any channel.

Shepherd, quoting the post, said: "'When your mum watches Good Morning Britain so much it gets permanently burned into your television. Three hours per day, five days a week for three years, max brightness, bad recipe.

"'ITV has these middle-aged wrapped around their fingers I'm telling you'. That's what MikeyGaming64 said about his mum."

How did Good Morning Britain presenters react to this?

While Ben Shepherd was reading out the post, Kate Garraway said it was "a sign of class" and journalist Angela Epstein, who was a guest on the show, said "shame on him" with regards to the user taking the mick out of his mum.

Garraway then made a joke about another guest in Dr Hilary Jones, saying he's been on morning TV so long someone would have him burned onto their screen somewhere.

Shepherd then went on to say: "Hopefully MikeyGaming64's mum's TV screen will be replaced.

"Apparently someone did ask him whether LG, the TV company, are going to repair the TV.

"He said: 'We've asked LG about that, they've said they'll replace the screen, but not the mother.'"

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