A HOMEOWNER has called on drivers to cut their speed before someone is killed after a car crashed into his wall.

Pensioner Colin Lythgo was awoken in the early hours of Friday morning by a loud bang outside his home in Mersea Road, Colchester.

When he rushed out to see what the commotion was at about 4.30am he found a silver Volkswagen abandoned on top of his brick wall which had been reduced to rubble.

The homeowner said he spotted a driver get out of the car and run away from the scene on foot.

Gazette: Crash - the car was found abandoned on top of Colin Lythgo's wall in Mersea RoadCrash - the car was found abandoned on top of Colin Lythgo's wall in Mersea Road (Image: Colin Lythgo)

Mr Lythgo, who has only just repaired his wall from another incident in January, has now urged motorists to slow down before there are fatal consequences.

“Incidents like this have become a regular occurrence for my wife and I, to be honest we are getting used to it,” he said.

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“Drivers come so fast round the bend and I really do fear someone will die very soon.

“If a car veers off the road there only has to be someone walking along there and they will be killed.”

Gazette: Reduced to rubble - the wall as it now lies in Mersea RoadReduced to rubble - the wall as it now lies in Mersea Road (Image: Colin Lythgo)

He added: “I would pay for a solar powered speed warning myself if it meant something could be done.”

Berechurch councillor Dave Harris backed Mr Lythgo’s call and said he wants to see action taken at the site near the Queen Elizabeth Way junction.

He said: “Most people obey the speed limit, it is just the odd one or two that cause the grief.

“My appeal is to those residents who perhaps go 5mph too quick there to just take care for the children, elderly people and the animals.

Gazette: Knocked down - the wall before it was crashed intoKnocked down - the wall before it was crashed into (Image: Colin Lythgo)

“Life is too precious to try and dash round to save a few minutes.”

An Essex Highways spokesman advised Mr Lythgo to continue liasing with Mr Harris if he wishes for a formal request to be made for speed reduction measures.

“It can [then] be referred to the Local Highway Panel who assess whether there are any suitable speed reduction methods that can be introduced,” he added.

An Essex Police spokesman could not confirm if an arrest was made but advised anyone with information to call its officers on 101.

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