A PIECE of British Railway history passed through an Essex station yesterday afternoon, billowing steam and invoking a sense of nostalgia within onlookers.

A Black 5 preserved steam locomotive passed through Marks Tey Station on Sunday afternoon, as travellers watched a piece of history chug along the tracks.

The train was built in 1945 by the London Midland Scottish Railway at their work site in Horwich.

The impressive locomotive was renumbered as 44932 by British Railways following the 1948 nationalisation of Britain’s railways.

Gazette: Travellers were treated to a piece of British railway history.Travellers were treated to a piece of British railway history. (Image: Newsquest)

After the model was purchased by British Railways for preservation, it operated on the mainline between overhauls.

In 2013, during the 45th anniversary celebrations for the August 1968 end of steam use, the train took part in two special rail tours.

The first of the one-off tours was on August 7, where it travelled with its sister train, the 45231, from Lancaster to Carlisle and back via Settle and Carlisle line, with the 44932 acting as the pilot to its sister train during this run.

Gazette: Approaching - The train pulling into Marks Tey StationApproaching - The train pulling into Marks Tey Station (Image: Newsquest)

Four days later, on August 11, the train took part in the 45th anniversary run, by marking the end of steam use.

Black 5 number 44932 is currently owned and operated by the West Coast Railway Company and is based in Carnforth.

Seb Rees, who witnessed the train and snapped the photos, said: "I had read on Colchester Gazette online that this special train headed by the preserved Black 5 locomotive would be running through Marks Tey on Sunday afternoon.

"As a railway enthusiast who is very interested in steam I decided to take my friend Gabriel to experience this sight and take pictures and videos as this was quite a rare opportunity.

"There is something about the awesome power of these locos which runs deep into the soul."