NEW food hygiene ratings have been awarded to some of Colchester’s best bars, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs.

The Food Standards Agency’s website has revealed its new ratings for 13 Colchester establishments, including Bamboo House and The Britannia Ghurkha Restaurant.

Colchester United Stadium, Bella’s Patisserie, The Berechurch Arms and The Leather Bottle have also been given new ratings.

The ratings given out by the Food Standards Agency range 0, which means urgent improvement is required, to 5, which means hygiene standards are very good.

The release of the latest ratings comes after the Gazette previously revealed the ratings of 99 Colchester restaurants, where some big-name brands came under fire.

Five star ratings were given to:

• The Bamboo House at 94 Military Road, Colchester, inspected on April 13.

• The Holy Bagel at Castle House, Castle Bailey, Colchester, inspected on April 4.

• Bella’s Patisserie at Bella's Patisserie, 20 Sir Isaacs Walk, Colchester, inspected on April 3.

•  The Eat Inn Diner at 6 Grange Way, Colchester, inspected on March 31.

• Angela's Coffee Shop at 44-45 Moorside Business Park, Moorside, Colchester, inspected on March 28.

• The Britannia Gurkha Restaurant and Bar at Britannia Public House, 42 Meyrick Crescent, Colchester, inspected on March 23.

• The Berechurch Arms at 177 Shrub End Road, Colchester, inspected on December 2.

•  Colchester United Football Club, Main Kitchen, United Way, Colchester, inspected on October 18.

• The New Leather Bottle at Shrub End Road, Colchester, inspected on April 6.

• The Spinnaker at 21 Hythe Quay, Colchester, inspected on March 23.

•  The King's Arms at The Kings Arms, Broad Green, Coggeshall, inspected on November 22.

•  Takeaways Habanero, in Colchester, and the Lotus Kitchen at 31 Kingsland Road, West Mersea.