A TIKTOKER from Essex claims making loaded fries is the best way to enjoy a meal from McDonald's... and her video has gone viral.  

Dorian Jessica shares her latest food creations on her TikTok account which has thousands of followers. 

In one of her latest video, Dorian shared how to create ultimate loaded fries, with just five ingredients from the popular fast-food chain. 

The TikToker layered up chips, two shredded Chicken Big Macs, pickles, sour cream sauce and BBQ sauce into a large bowl. 

In a previous video, the content creator was seen making the same dish using a six-pack of chicken nuggets, however, she said she's now perfected the meal.

@dorianjessica This video was requested! What shall i do next? Also it did need - smoky bbq from mcdonalds haha #fyp #viral ♬ original sound - Dorian Jessica

The TikTok video captioned 'Another loaded fries cause why not!', gained more than 170k likes and over a million views. 

@dorianjessica Another loaded fries! Cause why not! #mcdonalds #fyp #viral ♬ original sound - Dorian Jessica

Dorian has suggested people have been eating McDonald's all wrong and claimed the mixed-loaded fries are the way forward.

She said: "We're making loaded fries again because it was absolutely delicious, however, it's going to have a little bit of a twist on it today.

"Last time I got the chicken nuggets. What I didn't like about the chicken nuggets was last time all the cheese was all over the bottom of the box."

After taste-testing her creation, she said 'It smacks'.

Viewers all over the world loved her idea and rushed to the comments to say they will be trying it. 

One person wrote: "I work in McDonald’s. I’m making this for my break, but minus the bbq sauce cause I hate that."

And another viewer gave TikToker more ideas, they said: "You should try chicken selects, pickles, chips, two cheeseburgers and sour cream and chive dip with some sweet curry. It will be amazing!"

Dorian is not a stranger to creating food hacks, as on her TikTok channel, she's trying different trends to create mouth-watering Starbucks drinks, or trying new menu items from multiple fast-food restaurants.