On Wednesday 30th of March 2023 - Bootleg John (Tyson Hill), Paul (Steve White), George (Steve Hill) and Ringo (Gordon Elsmore) all performed at the Regent Theatre in Ipswich on their latest spring tour. The night opened with a wonderful clip show from the early 60's and sat you right down into the Beatle's early days in Hamburg. With classic Beatles Rock 'N' Roll tracks such as: Love Love Me Do, Please Please Me, Anna, A Taste Of Honey and Twist And Shout. The Bootleg Beatles were welcomed in Ipswich to screms and cheers. The essence of classic Beatles with the same charm and charisma . 

Steve Hill first performed for the Bootleg Beatles in June 2014 overseas. He performs as Bootleg George Harrison and played mesmerising numbers such as 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' and 'Here Comes The Sun' from the White Album and Abbey Road respectively.

Tyson Kelly nailed down the role of John Lennon to a T. His first performance with the Bootleg Beatles in August 2018 near Dublin.He was the perfect John Lennon with performing memerable track from all along the Beatles catalogue but especially Magical Mystery Tour including the title track ' Magical Mystery Tour' the cycadelic ' I Am The Walrus', 'Your Mother Should Know', 'Strawbery Fields Forever', 'Penny Lane' and him and the audience all sung along to the revolutionary ' All You Need Love'.

Steve White played Paul McCartney - his first show for the Bootleg Beatles in November 2011 at Hampton Court. He wonderfully performed 'Get Back', 'Let It Be' and 'Hey Jude' as the finale and encore act.

Gordon Elsmore performed as the beloved Ringo Starr. His first performance with the Bootleg Beatles was in March 2016 at Harrogate,Halifax. Singing Rolling Stones hit single 'I Wanna Be Your Man' and famous 'Yellow Submarine'.

Overall, I 100 percent recommend and if you just squint your eyes you can really iagine that you are listening to John, Paul, George and Ringo. An unforgettable experience and I will definiely be returning at their next tour.