New £160million plans by the Prime Minister to crack down on anti-social behaviour will be trialled in Essex.

Rishi Sunak is set to outline his plans in a speech today which includes cracking down on graffiti, flytipping and laughing gas.

The proposals include making people found guilty of crimes such as vandalism and graffiti clean up the damage quickly and laughing gas will be banned and there will be larger fines for flytipping.

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Essex is one of 16 places which will see an increase in police presence to crack down on the incidents.

In proposals heavily briefed beforehand, it will include trials of swifter justice measures and increased policing in areas of England and Wales deemed to have high amounts of low-level crime.


Under so-called Immediate Justice proposals, the aim is for perpetrators behind anti-social activity to carry out repair and clean-up works within 48 hours of being handed community orders.

Offenders will be made to wear high-vis vests or jumpsuits and work under supervision while picking up litter, removing graffiti and washing police cars as punishment for their actions.