WIVENHOE residents have been left disappointed and without promised high-speed WiFi, after VX Fiber decided to suspend its services.

The decision came after roadworks were completed to lay down all the cables, leaving the infrastructure in place.

Residents were informed that they would be left without the high speed WiFi promised via an email, leaving their ‘hopes built up then dashed away for the foreseeable future’, according to a Wivenhoe town councillor.

A resident who lives in a listed building on Wivenhoe High Street expressed her concerns over cable laying, which was done by a separate supplier, after the works by her house left it in a ‘complete mess’.

One resident shared the email they received from VX Fiber on a Wivenhoe community group.

It read: “I am sorry to inform you that the Wivenhoe fiber network builder, VXFiber, has made a business decision to suspend building the fiber network to your address and will review this decision again in July this year.

"If your road has recently been prepared for connection to the fiber network, you might question why the network builder has decided to suspend the build.

"In the meantime, Colchester Fibre is actively exploring ways we can continue to build the network to provide fibre services to your address.

"If you live on a private or unadopted road, it is very unlikely your address will be connected to the Colchester Fibre network. We are also looking at alternative ways to get your address connected to our network."

A spokesperson for Colchester Amphora Trading said: “VX Fiber has taken the decision to pause the work to provide full fiber for the final segment of Wivenhoe, which will naturally disappoint some residents.

“We are in ongoing discussions with the company to complete the local fiber layer. Colchester Fibre, the internet service provider operated by Colchester Amphora Trading Limited, continues to offer connectivity to the 3,000 properties in Wivenhoe that already benefit from the investment in their community and will be reviewing how best to ensure the residents affected by VX’s decision can be provided with the full-fiber internet service.”