A COLCHESTER pensioner was left nonplussed after she was hit by a part of a branch hurled from an ageing tree.

Kathleen Marsh, 69 was hit by part of a tree whilst making her way along a path linking Queen Elizabeth Way with Mersea Road.

Whilst walking to the Mersea Road pharmacy on Friday, Mrs Marsh was struck in the face by part of the branch, which knocked off her glasses and marked her face.

Describing the aftermath of the incident, Mrs Marsh said: “I looked down on the ground and I saw this bloody big branch – I was a bit bewildered.

“It’s not fair on the old people who go to the chemist – if anyone else gets hurt as a result of the tree, I will have warned the landowner.”

It is not yet known for certain who owns the land where the tree is, but it is understood to be private land.

Mrs Marsh continued: “If this was a council tree than it would have been sorted there and then, and if I hadn’t had my glasses on the branch would have taken my eye out.

“People might think I’m making a fuss over this, but it’s dangerous.”