FILMING of the first episode of a new “edgy” sitcom has wrapped up.

The Great Bruxo Burvis follows the life of its title character, a failing clairvoyant, hanging onto the tatters of minor celebrity as the world around him crumbles.

Its cast includes the former Coronation Street star Bruce Jones.

The actor said: “DB certainly has an eye for comedy and also, dare I say, tip-toing delicately along the line of decency with a verve Ricky Gervais would be proud of.”

The programme is the brainchild of Colchester based filmmaker DB Morgan.

He said: “Although I began my filmmaking career in feature films, it’s always been my burning desire to dive into TV comedy.

“I’ve had the Bruxo character in my mind for several years. It’s funny, tragic and deeply desperate in places as we are thrown into the world of, at face value, a conman.”

Mr Morgan is hoping that income from the project will contribute towards the ongoing running costs of a studio for marginalised and under-represented teenagers, which he hopes to open in Colchester.

The filmmaker hopes to see the series on TV screens later this year.