Parking is set to be banned on a stretch of a busy high street in a bid to ease queues and congestion.

A no waiting at any time restriction will be put in place along a 12m length of High Street, Wivenhoe.

The piece of road, outside the library in the town, currently has a permit holders only restriction between 7.45am and 8.45am each day.

Essex County Council says the move is necessary to ease congestion and help bus services run on time.

The issue was first raised by bus operators in 2013.

A report, which went before cabinet member Lee Scott, said: “Bus operators and other large vehicles seeking to progress along Wivenhoe High Street, particularly in a south bound direction are often required to wait excessively for a suitable break in the north bound traffic flow to enable them to progress.

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“Congestion issues have impacted upon bus services in the intervening period since it was first brought to ECC’s attention, such that services and frequencies have already been reduced.”

The scheme also aims to improve access to the library.

A number of objections were raised with residents saying parking was already in short supply.

Gazette: The stretch of Wivenhoe High Street where the no waiting will be introduced. Picture: GoogleThe stretch of Wivenhoe High Street where the no waiting will be introduced. Picture: Google (Image: Google)

The report suggests the 12m stretch would be enough distance to park two or three cars.

It added: “The objectors felt that the removal of the proposed section of parking will reduce parking further.

“They add that frequently large buses which are travelling down the High Street are practically empty and suggesting that a more efficient solution would be to use smaller buses which do not need such large spaces.

“Another objection raised by several objectors was that every space currently available is necessary. Few High Street houses have off road parking, some commuters working flexible hours park here after 8.45 and currently tradesmen’s’ vans daily needing to be close to where they are working.”

But the decision was taken to progress with the move.

The report concluded: “The congestion issues faced at this location have been known issues for many years, affecting many vehicles attempting to pass through this section of the High Street in Wivenhoe.

“Due to the long extent of the parking as it currently stands, it is often necessary, throughout the day (not just the extended peak periods), for larger vehicles to have to wait longer than may be considered reasonable on such a key route, to be able to pass through.

“Early discussions with the bus operator established that a widespread removal of parking to facilitate access would be unreasonable, however the provision of a suitably sized pull in area broadly halfway along the extent of the unbroken line of parked cars would likely bring positive benefits to the situation.”