COUNTY Council bosses say they are determined to help more residents in Clacton “fulfil their potential”.

The pledge comes following a report by right-leaning think-tank Onward, which has highlighted tackling crime and antisocial behaviour in trouble hotspots as key to ‘levelling up’ Clacton.

The study, which looked at Clacton, Oldham, South Tyneside, Walsall and Barry, said dealing with antisocial behaviour should be a priority in helping “left-behind” areas.

It called on policymakers to take a “hyper-local approach” to the economy in Clacton, secure investment in education and for the police to adopt a hotspot policing effort to tackle low-level crimes.

Louise McKinlay, Essex County Council’s deputy leader, said: “We have already identified many of the challenges it recognises in Clacton and across Tendring as part of our own work to Levelling Up Essex, for instance around education and skills and deprivation.

“Clacton, Harwich and Jaywick in Tendring have already been identified as some of our priority areas in our Levelling Up strategy and a number of initiatives to tackle the challenges we have identified in our own work are already underway.

“Last month, the Jaywick Community Resource Centre’s the Brooklands Community Shop moved into its new permanent home thanks to funding from ECC’s Levelling Up Fund.

“The shop helps bridge the gap between food banks and affordable supermarkets, providing support to residents at a time when we know they are facing increased pressures due to the cost of living.

“We have also invested £2million in Jaywick Sands Commercial Workspace project, which will provide new, attractive facilities as well as job opportunities for local residents.

“We’ve also invested in Tendring community facilities, announced funds for a new Adult Community Learning space in the district while also launching a range of Essex-wide projects which will benefit those in Tendring.

“We recognise that levelling up Essex is not something that can be achieved by the council alone and it must have the support of local and cross sector partnerships, as well as communities themselves, to be a success.

“We know there is much work still to be done, through our Levelling Up programme we are determined to widen opportunities so that more residents of Essex can fulfil their potential.”