AN ancient Roman mosaic which is buried just metres from Colchester High Street could be encased and turned into a transparent walkway by the summer.

Archaeology experts dug up the fascinating find beneath the pavement in Red Lion Yard in February last year.

The mosaic was initially discovered in the Eighties but was built upon and now lies under pavement, service cables and pipes.

The targeted dig last year successfully rediscovered it and plans were drawn up to turn it into a walkway for residents to tread the same path the Romans did almost 2,000 years ago.

Gazette: Discovery - the mosaic which was uncoveredDiscovery - the mosaic which was uncovered (Image: Public)

Colchester Museums boss Frank Hargrave said the mosaic offers an insight into what a middle-income Roman household might have had in their home.

He said: “The council is still pressing for the exposure of the mosaic found in Red Lion Walk for this year.

“It was actually found in the eighties. Colchester Archaeological Trust was commissioned to relocate it and that is what they did last year.

“This mosaic was in a Roman residence in that area.

Gazette: Dig - workers at the scene in Red Lion YardDig - workers at the scene in Red Lion Yard (Image: Newsquest)

“It is not wildly rare or unique but it is interesting to see what a standard Roman, middle-income household would have aspired to have in their home.”

The vision will see the mosaic on display in a similar fashion to the Berryfield Mosaic at Firstsite in Lewis Gardens, which was unearthed in 1923 at the site on which the building now stands.

Colchester Council’s ex-heritage boss Darius Laws said he is keen for the Red Lion Yard find to be on display for all to see.

He said finding it was like “a game of Battleships to pinpoint the spot”.

Gazette: Pleased - Darius Laws said he is pleased the project is continuingPleased - Darius Laws said he is pleased the project is continuing (Image: Newsquest)

“I wanted to find ways of making Colchester feel more Roman. That is our unique selling point,” said Mr Laws.

“Now is the time, as high streets are changing, to make Colchester as attractive as it can be to visitors.

He added: “I am really excited by the unveiling of this Roman mosaic. It is substantial in size and will be a real talking point.

“Crucially, it is not behind closed doors and will be in the open for people to see.”