ACTIVISTS draped a large banner over a bridge in Colchester after politicians approved plans which could see employees forced to work during strike action.

Members of the Colchester Trades Council unveiled a large banner reading 'Defend The Right To Strike' on Balkerne Hill Bridge this morning.

The stunt marked the TUC’s Protect the Right to Strike day of action on which teachers, civil servants, train drivers and university staff downed tools.

The protest came after MPs threw their support behind plans designed to enforce minimum service levels during strikes days.


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Should the bill be passed in the House of Lords, some employees could be required to work during pickets - and could be sacked if they refuse, according to BBC News.

A spokesman for the Colchester Trades Council said: “The last 13 years has seen a consistent attack on job security and workers’ rights.

“Now the Government wants to introduce further anti-trade union measures.

“Industrial action is always the last resort and is a decision reached by members and one of the few powers workers have on their side. It is vital that we stand up for this."

Pictures: Bryn H Griffiths