A TV personality and climate change campaigner have won new accolades... as gritters are named after them.

Essex Highways has revealed the names of five of their new gritters which they tasked the general public with choosing.

The five gritters will be part of an entirely new fleet that the company has implemented to keep traffic moving and road users safe when roads across Essex freeze.

The five new gritters are aptly named Billericay Grittie, Colchester Gritty, Dermot Snow Cleary, Grit Dunsnow and Gritter Thunberg.

Dermot Snow Cleary is named after Colchester's own Dermot O'Leary. 

Born in Colchester in 1973 he attended Colchester 6th Form College.

He went on to gain a BA degree in Media & Television and worked as a DJ for BBC Radio Essex.

His career has included presenting Big Brother's Little Brother and the X Factor.

Essex Highways previously revealed its gritters begin work three hours before the forecast says the road surfaces will freeze with gritting beginning between 1am to 3am.


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