COLCHESTER motorists are being warned about five A12 and A120 closures to avoid this week.

The latest expected works list, shows two closures already in place are expected to carry on this week.

The A12 Old North Road, from Dobbies Lane to Junction 25 will be delayed until January 17, for slip road service.

The A12, both directions, junctions 19 to 29, will see road closures and a diversion route until February 3, 2025, with reconstruction works on the chevron.

The A12, both directions, between junction 28 to 31 will see a diversion route for carriageway constructions from 10am, till 3pm on January 16.

The A12, junction 29 to junction 30 will see a lane closure from 9pm on January 16, till 5am on January 23.

The A120 eastbound, junction 29, will see lane closure and a diversion route from 9pm on January 30, until 5am on February 2, for maintenance on behalf of National Highways.