A POPULAR blogger and author has published a new book full of money saving tips, encouraging people to live as their grandmother would.

Jane Berry, the Wivenhoe-based author of the Shoestring Jane blog, has published her new book, Extreme Frugality: Save Money Like Your Grandma.

Her new book is full of savvy tips to slash bills with chapters spanning every area of life.

The book draws on frugal living tips which war time ancestors would have taken for granted whilst adding in a few modern tips for bargain loving families.

Jane’s book focusses on building a solid foundation through careful budgeting and debt management whilst teaching new ideas on breaking spending habits.

The book offers tips on finding stuff for free, paying less for things you purchase and ways of slashing your household bills offering ideas on how to build a beautiful home and garden without breaking the bank.

On her book, Jane said: “I have been writing my blog for over ten years now, offering people my best advice on saving money.

“I realised that if I was to ever put out a book, then this would be the right time, given the cost-of-living crisis. It felt like the relevant time to do it.

“Some of the best frugal living tips have been handed down from generation to generation. My own grandparents experienced rationing and would never have wasted anything, through necessity. They were frugal because they had to be. 

 “Food and resources were precious. Our grandparents used their creativity to make the best of what they had.

“They got through tough times by being resourceful, so maybe we can do that too.”

On the chapters of her new book, Jane said: “There is a food chapter which focusses on cooking and eating like Grandma, it's about how people survived during and post war, stretching resources and becoming creative with rationing.

“This chapter looks at the best ways to stretch food and avoid waste, using every bit of produce.

“I also have a chapter on making do and mending, a chapter on how to slash monthly bills, a chapter on buying second hand, as well as some modern tips.”

To purchase Jane’s book and browse some of her money-saving tips, visit bit.ly/3FHDzL9.