COLCHESTER organisations are being urged to back a campaign to improve the city’s air quality.

The CAReless Pollution scheme calls on motorists to switch off their engines while at traffic lights, level crossings or near schools.

Last year, figures revealed one in 20 deaths in Colchester are linked to pollution.

The campaign is now asking businesses to urge their employees to cut their engines while at the company premises or driving to and from work.

Colchester Council’s environment chief Steph Nissen said: “By encouraging both staff and customers to make small behaviour changes we can all make a difference to air quality and climate change.”

A CAReless Pollution survey revealed many drivers admit to inadvertently contributing to air pollution by keeping their vehicles running when stationary.

The project is already being backed by McDonald’s restaurants in Colchester, with boss Craig Newnes imploring others to do the same.

“McDonald's has been supporting the CAReless Pollution campaign since 2020 by displaying outdoor posters at all local restaurants, reminding customers to switch their engines off whilst placing and collecting their orders.

“We are also using the short campaign film to help educate staff as part of their ongoing training.”