Mark Brewer is known for his: famous water pistol, funny sketches, Green Goddess outfit , PomPom and so much more. 

He’s been working at Potters Holiday Resort as an entertainer for 38 years. When talking about his work, he expressed how he’s been very fortunate - “When you love a job, it’s not a job but something you love doing. It’s very gratifying when people enjoy your show. You get adrenaline and that feel good feeling especially when you’ve got an audience who are laughing and cheering. I’ve been doing this for nearly 50 years; doing things that you enjoy all your life is such a special kind of thing.”

However, with every job there are aspects of it that are harder than others, “Hours don’t even count. The job is 24/7 and sometimes you just can’t keep up that pace. It’s continuous like an enormous machine that never stops but next year I look to take it a lot easier.”

Mark recently performed his second Mark Brewer Released and Unleashed show at Cliffs Pavilion, Southend. When asked how he felt knowing his tickets were selling out, he responded with “I think it was very much, ‘wow, how about that’. I got a real buzz and it was also very humbling. Initially, it was just seeing if people would come out to see me and it turned out they did want to.”

He began to describe how at first it was “Very daunting being in a theatre with 1600 people, all doing pompom and itching to say hello to you. I just wanted to say hello to everyone.”

With a stage can come stage fright, Mark’s personal experience is “It’s not so much stage fright but more nervousness if I’m about to do a new sketch/show. But as soon as your on stage that just goes. Another time I get nervous is when I’m singing a song and I just go blank.”

“When I was younger, I did. When I was 18, I did a show as a Blue Coat but I hadn’t planned it very well. When I finished it, a man called me over and said to me that I didn’t have what it takes. This was a wake up call to me. He was being brutally honest but for this man to criticize me in one hit as an 18 year old was almost ridiculous. However, from then, I knew I would never walk out without planning what I’m doing.”

Mark described how he has “Never wanted to get out of Potters and that comes down to the fact they have made me so comfortable. I’ve been happy there and they’ve really looked after me. You can always think deep down - What if? What If I had gone out when I was younger and tried to be famous like the other stars have, but as soon as you’ve got family, you don’t risk them for that sort of stuff.”

Modern technology has taken a huge toll on the social skills of people especially children of this generation. As a result of this, Mark believes everyone should work at a holiday resort. “It gets you used to talking/meeting new people which can help grow your confidence.”

“Life runs away with you so quickly, so try and have fun while your young. Make the most of everything and use your life to the full, try and travel as much as possible. Theres a huge world out there.”