STANWAY Garden Centre brightened its customers’ day, as it welcomed Essex Therapy Dogs into its store.

The garden centre was treated to a special visit from the pooches, who spend a few hours at the store’s Doggy Station, as staff and customers alike came to say hello, have a cuddle and play.

The dog’s demeanour provided light relief, positive mental health benefits and mindfulness, as the shoppers came by to pet them.

Essex Therapy Dogs is a group which encourages members and their pets to visit schools, hospitals, care homes and other such environments, to relieve stress and anxiety for residents.

The group focuses on the important role dogs play as a source of companionship and joy, acting as an advocate for therapy dogs to reduce mental health.

Tina Jullings, Founder and chairwoman of Essex Therapy Dogs, said: “The dogs enjoyed spending a few hours at Stanway Garden Centre.

 “It is so lovely to hear our dogs and their owners are helping to make a difference to the customers in the store, helping them have a breather and relax.”