FEARS "young drinkers" could cause trouble are among the objections raised against a convenience store's bid to sell alcohol from its new premises.

The shop, which opened this week in Wivenhoe High Street, is bidding for an alcohol licence to allow it to sell booze to customers between the hours of 10am and 11pm, seven days a week.

Colchester Council's licensing sub-committee is due to decide whether to grant the application at a meeting this morning.

A report to go before the sub-committee detailed objections from residents, including a letter from the Wivenhoe Society.

The letter reads: "There are two other retail outlets for alcoholic drinks in the immediate neighbourhood so an additional outlet would be over-provision.

"The opening hours seem to be until 11pm.

"The site is very near the King George V playing fields and there could be a danger of antisocial behaviour from groups of young drinkers if off-licence purchases are easily obtainable in the area.

"The other nearby outlets do not stay open so late."

It adds: "With regard to antisocial behaviour there have several incidents of vandalism on the King George V fields, though there is no direct evidence - apart from empty cans and bottles - that this was alcohol related.

"The Society's worry is that easy access to off licence alcohol in the evening could exacerbate the problem."

Another objector said: "It is completely unsuitable and should be rejected out of the question, surrounded by residential housing, children's playground and prominent corner.

"It is unsuitable for this village and will undoubtedly cause disturbance and likely mess around and noise late at night.

"The Post Office will suffer, they rely on their small grocery store, the Greyhound Pub is opposite and will be affected."

In support of its application, the owners of the store have pledged to install, operate and maintain a comprehensive digital colour CCTV system.

Other agreed conditions include asking customers to leave "quietly and respectfully and having regard to the neighbours", while a log must be kept of all refused sales of alcohol to underage people.