A CYCLIST who suffered a brain injury in a devastating collision has been awarded almost £800,000 in compensation.

The cyclist, from Essex, had their “life turned upside down” in 2017 when a driver failed to give way and pulled into their path.

As a result of the collision, the cyclist came off their bike and landed some distance from the vehicle, with their head and arm taking the force of the impact.

The cyclist, who remains anonymous, was wearing a helmet but suffered a traumatic brain injury and serious injuries to their arm and leg.


Surgical intervention and years of treatment followed as the victim, who was previously in “very good health”, battled to overcome their injuries.

During the five year case, interim payments to fund private rehabilitative treatment from a range of therapists were secured by Colchester-based Ellisons Solicitors.

The driver had denied liability throughout the case but an agreement of just under £800,000 was agreed with their insurer’s solicitor before it was due to head to trial.

It followed seven medical expert witnesses being called to assess the cyclist’s claim for damages due to the severity and range of injuries they suffered.

Stevan Stratton, of Ellisons’ personal injury team, said: “In addition to the significant physical injuries, restrictions and cognitive symptoms caused to the claimant by this collision, they also suffered with chronic pain and psychological difficulties.

Gazette: Solicitor - Stevan Stratton Picture: EllisonsSolicitor - Stevan Stratton Picture: Ellisons (Image: Newsquest)

“All of which made it extremely unlikely that they would be able to return to work.”

The solicitor firm also revealed it had to step in to help the claimant with financial difficulties while out of employment.

Mr Stratton continued: “We also know that the conclusion of this case after so many years will hugely assist our client and their family in trying to move on from the trauma of this accident.

“We hope that they can now start looking forwards rather than back.”

A spokesman from the Colchester Cycling Campaign said "it is a shame" the case took five years to reach a settlement.

"This case stresses the danger that drivers present on the roads purely because of the combination of the speed and weight of their vehicle," he said.

"This settlement should not be thought of as a lottery win.

"It will pay for the cyclist's medical care for the rest of their life while compensating them for possibly being unable to lead a normal life."