AN astonishingly popular book club based in Colchester is set to appear on national TV.

The Appetite Book Club is set to offer insights and share its favourite literary work on Sky.

The club will appear on Sky Arts hit series, Book Club, with Andi Oliver.  

It will showcase and discuss its favourite literary works and the club itself.

The group has more than 500 would-be-members on its waiting list, with more than 70 attendees meeting every month at a restaurant, sharing a passion for food and books.

Each month, the Appetite Book Club bonds over its shared love of food and literature, meeting at a restaurant and swapping seats with every course, to spark new conversations.

The group will also be on the show with Women’s Prize Author Meg Mason, who will discuss her new book Sorrow and Bliss.

The club will also appear alongside author Harry Parker, who lost both legs in Afghanistan in 2007. His new book explores his experience with prosthetics and highlights the implications of medial advancements.

The group will appear on Sky Arts on Wednesday, September 28, alongside Elizabeth Day and Andi Oliver.