A LUCKY schoolgirl received some very special correspondence, after sending her drawing of the Queen off to Buckingham Palace.

Lula Slatter, who was five years old at the time, asked her grandmother to post her drawing of the Queen to Buckingham Palace, after spending lots of time learning about her during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Lula had previously asked her grandmother to ‘give the drawing to her’, when she was in London at the end of May earlier this year.

Super-gran, Christine Golding, instead decided it was best to post the drawing.

The drawing was posted off to the Queen on May 31, the official address for which is Her Majesty the Queen, Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA.

Christine admitted wasn’t expecting much of a reply and said: “I wasn’t holding out hopes at the time/ The Queen was on everyone’s television at the time.

“I’m sure she was very busy over jubilee period and didn’t have much time to read correspondence.”

It was on the morning of Monday, September 12 that special correspondence came through the door.

When going through the post Christine noticed a special envelope, marked Buckingham Palace.

On receiving the letter, Christine said: “I was going through the post when I saw the envelope marked Buckingham Palace.

“I turned it over and on the front of the envelope sat the Royal crest. That’s when I began to get excited.

"I was in shock, I was shaking. I had a tear in my eye as well.”

Christine then handed over the letter to Lula, reminding her of the drawing she had sent away months ago and telling her she had received a reply.

On hearing this, Lula began beaming from ear to ear, ecstatic that her drawing had made it into the hands of Queen Elizabeth.

Upon opening the letter, the family realised it was dated September 8, the day the Queen died meaning it was one of the last letters sent on her behalf as sovereign.

The letter, addressed to Lula, noted that the Queen had commended kindness for sending it and thanked her personally for the drawing.

On the letters significance, Christine said: “Lula is a bright girl, she understands its worth.

“We told her how important and special the letter is, and that she must treasure it forever.

"We will have it framed.”