RESIDENTS are being encouraged to “help make a big difference” to their coastal village by joining a community group’s crusade against inconsiderate litterbugs.

The Jaywick Sands Community Forum, in Lotus Way, has officially become a hub for Clean Up UK’s national efforts to combat littering.

As a result, the centre now boasts 20 litter-pickers, hi-vis jackets, gloves and bags, which can be hired by eco-conscious locals looking to keep the area clean.

Any waste gathered by those who decided to do their bit for the environment is then collected by Tendring Council on a designated day.


The first official rubbish-collecting voyage took place on Sunday and saw 180-kilograms of waste removed from the streets and beaches.

Brad Thompson, vice chairman of the Jaywick Sands Community Forum, said: “It is really important because it is not just day-trippers who litter in the area.

“There are residents who use the beach and do not clean up after themselves, as well as holidaymakers, so they are partly responsible too.

“Moaning will not get you anywhere, but getting up and helping will, so we want people to come and help make a big difference to Jaywick.

The litter-picking equipment is available to collect from the community hub between 10am and 1pm from Monday to Friday.

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