GLOBAL bestselling historian and TV presenter Dan Jones is set to come to Waterstones in Colchester to discuss his new historical fiction novel, Essex Dogs.

The one-off event promises to be an evening of captivating historical fiction in the heart of Britain’s oldest recorded town and first city.

Dan will discuss his new book, Essex Dogs, the explosive first instalment of an epic trilogy which chronicles the Hundred Years War.

Set in July, 1346, the novel will follow the Essex Dogs, a small and tightly knit group of hardy English soldiers, rampaging through the French countryside enroute to the field of Crecy.

Fighting many battles along the way, they must stay alive long enough to see their home once again.

The novel is packed with memorable characters, providing a realistic, accurate snapshot of medieval warfare. The event is set to please all lovers of historical fiction.

Dan is set to visit on September 15, with doors opening at 18.45pm.

Tickets are available at