Former Eastenders and Strictly Come Dancing star Maisie Smith has reportedly been spotted enjoying a holiday romance with a a very famous love interest.

Maisie, from Essex, and Max George were reportedly spotted snogging in the pool of a £1,000 a night hotel in Mallorca as the pair’s romance seemingly becomes public.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "We passed them as we were going to the reception and they were headed to the sunbeds.

"I'm a big Strictly fan so I knew it was Maisie, and who doesn't know Max from The Wanted?

"They stayed in a top floor suite with a sea view - we know because we saw Maisie on the balcony. Maisie was sunbathing as Max was on his phone on the sunbeds.

“When they were in the pool, they were laughing and cuddling and Maisie had her arms around his neck in the pool while they were kissing.”

The source added: "They seemed very happy together."

It comes as Max has reportedly split from girlfriend Stacey Giggs for a second tme after a brief break in March.

Maisie and Max are said to have grown close on the Strictly live tour after both starring on 2020’s instalment of the show.