PLANS have been unveiled to change a garage at a home in Colchester into a salon.

The applicant, of Pilborough Way, Colchester, submitted the plans to change a  previously converted garage into a single person home hairdressing site.

The application sets out information about the dwelling, as well as further details on the building work that would take place.

It said: “The property is described as a detached dwelling located in the suburbs of Colchester and accessed via the main public road, Pilborough Way.

“It also added the property is benefited with a good sized rear amenity space with off road parking area provided to the front of the dwelling.

“The planning application is for a simple change of use for the one room only for the homeowner to be able to offer a hairdressing service from her home, this application seeks approval for a single person only working from the home providing the above said service.”

Colchester Council will now rue over the plans and decide whether to accept or decline the application.

If rejected, the applicant can appeal the decision.