A YOUNG boy was left devastated after awaking to find fishing equipment gifted to him days before as a birthday present had been stolen.

Tom Adams, 15, of Holborough Close, Colchester, was fast asleep as crooks broke into his mum’s car during the early hours of Monday morning.

In CCTV footage seen by the Gazette, thieves are caught on camera checking the locks on several vehicles in the road before reaching Gemma Adams’ car.

After managing to gain access, the brazen lowlifes are then said to have snatched £2,000 worth of fishing equipment belonging to Tom and his stepdad Tobi Warren.


Tom’s portion of the haul had been given to him as a birthday present just two days before by Tobi so the pair could go fishing together.

He said: “When my mum went to take the car out that morning nothing was there.

“It is very upsetting as the equipment was part of my birthday present and I had not even had it two days.

“It’s feels like the neighbourhood isn’t safe and I think the people who did this are not nice people and should be punished.”


Tom’s mum, Gemma, 37, who has lived in the road for 14 years, has now slammed those responsible for the theft.

She added: “I could use some choice words but as it is for the newspaper I better keep it clean - I feel the people who have done this are worse than scum.

“These items were Christmas and birthday presents for Tom and my partner, things we work hard for have just been taken - it's just unfair.

“My neighbours are all as fuming as I am because in the video you can see that it could have easily been them as well, as all the cars were attempted.”

The incident has been reported to Essex Police who were contacted for comment.