MONSTERS and creatures filled the sky as families watched in awe at a kite festival.

The Walton beach skyline was filled with magnificent kites of all shapes and colours during the annual Walton Kite Festival.

Families flooded to the coast in order to work on their own kites in the special kite workshop which attracted children of all ages.

In total, more than 190 people attended the kite workshop across the weekend.

The workshop saw children decorate their own kites with templates, colours and other materials.

The children were then able to flood the skyline with a glorious display of kites which they had decorated.

Families enjoyed the marvellous array of objects and characters that filled the sky above.

Some of the best kites displayed by the East Anglian Kite Flying Group included two massive seahorses and a flying flock of ladybirds. 

There was also a grinning tabby cat, Winnie the Pooh – with his iconic honey pot - and a fluttering stingray and many other designs.

Plenty of other abstract kites filled the sky, each of which boasted fantastic patterns and imaginative shapes.

Some of the kites flown were more than 20 meters in length.

The children were also ecstatic over the days highlight...sweetie drops.

This saw members of the East Anglian Kite Flying Group drop bags of sweets from the kites, as the youngsters sprinted across the field to get their hands on the goodies.

Susanne Eaton, manager of the Naze Centre was in attendance on the day.

She said: “It was a very popular event. Children and their families really enjoyed it.

“It was the perfect day all round. We had good weather with nice a wind, brilliant family day – absolutely fabulous for all who attended.”

The East Anglian Kite Flying group is a small group of kite flyers and enthusiasts who live in East Anglia.

They are available to put on kite displays at outdoor events, fetes and festivals.

They are also available to provide their kite workshop for a small fee to cover travel and expenses.

For more information, visit: