A DAMNING report on an Indian restaurant found mice droppings in the boiler house and chefs working without protective clothing.

Curry Leaves, which was inspected by the Food Standards Agency in May, received just one star out of five in an official hygiene report which was made publicly earlier this month.

On its Facebook page, the restaurant on North Station Road describes itself as offering “authentic, aromatic and flavourful Indian food at your doorstep.”

But a food hygiene inspection report produced by Colchester Council’s environmental health officer, obtained by the Gazette following a Freedom of Information request, found major improvements needed to be made to the cleanliness and condition of the facilities and building.

The preparation, cooking, and storage of food also required improvement, according to the Food Standards Agency.

The environmental health officer who inspected the premises noted in his report that he found mice droppings in the boiler house, meaning there was evidence of vermin being left untreated on the premises.

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Also published in the report were findings that hand soap was not available at all the handwashing basins, and the electric fly killer was broken.

It also noted the food handler in charge at the time of the inspection was wearing personal, rather than protective, clothing.

Before the restaurant is reinspected, Curry Leaves has a legal requirement to shore up its record keeping, with evidence of invoices, gas safety certificates, and ventilation cleaning to be made available.

Management of food safety, which concerns the checks in place to ensure food sold or served is safe to eat, was found to be generally satisfactory.

Responding to the report, the owner of Curry Leaves, Purna Katari said he was not impressed by the report.

He said: “I don’t agree with the findings – even the pest controller has said there is no [animals or vermin] alive [on the premises].

“We have applied for a reinspection but we have to wait for three months – I’ve paid £184 for the council [to return and inspect] and I’m just waiting for a date.

“The droppings are not new ones – I wasn’t happy with [the findings of the inspector].”