PAST pupils can now access newly scanned school bulletins and photos from more than 50 years ago. 

Several important documents and photos detailing the Gilberd School’s history from the 1950s and 1960s are now available for the public to view for the first time.

The school’s yearly bulletins from 1951-67 have been digitised and are accessible online.

Former pupil Jonathan Moran says there is a treasure trove of content retained by the school which will be of interest to past pupils and anyone who enjoys history.

Mr Moran said: “The school’s yearly bulletins contain so much fascinating information, including eye-witness accounts of past events.

“For example, in the 1953 issue, one pupil describes Colchester’s Coronation celebrations and another gives an account of a trip to a packed Wembley Stadium to see Harwich and Parkeston play in the FA Amateur Cup Final.

“In the 1958 issue the Queen’s visit to Colchester is also described. These are amazing glimpses into the past.”

A book originally presented to retiring headmaster Ralph Sprason in 1967, and featuring photos of every member of staff at the time, is available to download.

The book of staff photos from 1967 will be of particular interest to pupils who were at the school between the 1950s and 1980s, as they will recognise many familiar faces from their own past.

Former head of upper school Eddie Ross, who had just started teaching at the school in 1966, was able to put names to all the faces in the book. 

James Mitchell, headteacher at the Gilberd School said: “For years much of the archive material was stored away in the school records office or in boxes around the school.

“Past pupils have invested a huge amount of time sifting and digitising the content and we are grateful to them that this material is finally accessible to all”

For the school’s early bulletins visit and for historic photos visit