How Colchester’s has changed over time is the subject of a new book featuring stunning photographs.

Historian Patrick Denney has compiled Colchester Reflections with 180 images.

Each picture combines a recent colour photograph of Colchester with a matching sepia archive scene.

Through the split-image effect, readers can see how streets, buildings and everyday life have transformed with the passing of time.

The book show both past and present glimpses of Colchester.

Street scenes featured include the High Street in Victorian times versus now.

There are also images of Queen Street, St Nicholas House and East Hill.

The wool trade brought prosperity and many buildings date from the Tudor period but much of today’s Colchester dates from its expansion in the nineteenth century.

In the years after the Second World War, areas of the town were redeveloped and this has continued in recent years, including its extensive garrison area.

Colchester Reflections, published by Amberley Publishing, is now available to buy. It retails for £15.99.