A NIGHT at your favourite restaurant is sometimes exactly what you need when you’re having a tough week, or when you want to celebrate something special.

Sometimes, it doesn’t need to be for an occasion – perhaps you just want to go somewhere nice to catch up with friends.

It is never easy to take when your favourite place to eat out shuts down, though, and when we asked our readers about some of the eateries they miss the most, we received hundreds of comments.

Here are some of the most sorely missed restaurants in Colchester, as chosen by you.

Sloppy Joe’s

Gazette: Sloppy Joe's was a huge favourite when it was openSloppy Joe's was a huge favourite when it was open

Hubby proposed there – I loved that place as a teen and adult. – Naomi Sturman

I loved sloppy Joe's as well. I remember my sister and I going in on a Saturday when we went shopping. Pizza, coleslaw, and jacket was £3. – Samantha Lindsey

I used to meet my mum outside Marks and Spencer s and then we'd go to sloppy Joe’s. Happy times. – Julie Gregory

My 11-year-old says he’s reopening it when he’s older! – Mel Gray

Co-Op Café (Eld Lane)

The place was always packed, you were guaranteed to meet anybody you knew. There were plenty of laughs, chat, and it had a very friendly atmosphere. – Michael Brown

I loved it there as a kid. Mum would buy me minced beef with chips, carrots and gravy. Happy memories. – Yvette Borowiec

I loved going in there, proper home type dinner food. I used to go in with my nana and as I grew up took my young daughter in there. – Glynis Hutchins

Clowns (High Street)

The coleslaw at Clowns was awesome. – Samantha Sands

Loved Clowns, huge meals! – Josie Stephenson

Husband and I went there when we first got together and would have our anniversary meal there. – Cathy Raven

Gazette: Large portion sizes at Clowns made it a firm favouriteLarge portion sizes at Clowns made it a firm favourite

La Tasca (North Hill)

I remember going when I was a teenager and felt so grown up. Plus, I loved the sangria – it was such a cute place. – Emma Cook

I loved it in there too. – Hollie West

I forgot about that place. Only went there once but was a nice place. – Phil Hart

BHS Café (Culver Street East)

Here’s a real throwback – the BHS Café in the 80s! – Sophie JM

BHS for breakfast. – Shell Jobling

Coffee was great at the BHS and Debenhams. – Vivien Dane