YEAR 6 pupils were given a send-off to remember during their end-of-year school prom.

About 90 pupils from three Year 6 classes gathered to mark the end of their time at Brightlingsea Primary School, dressed in their best clothes and ready to dance late into the night – or 8.30pm.

Many enjoyed a rather unique school run with some pupils arriving in a Lamborghini, some in a Ford Mustang and others in a wheelbarrow.

Although a handful of pupils will move on to other schools in Brightlingsea, Colchester, and Ipswich, most will start their new chapter at Colne Community School and College in September.

Year 6 teacher Yasemin Pasha said it is also rewarding for all the teachers to watch the youngsters enjoy one final hurrah after having played an important part in their early years of education.

She said: “It was a celebration of their time at primary school before they leave to go to secondary school.

“They have a formal photo taken and get given a glass of kids’ bubbly then they sign autographs for each other and have a bit of a disco.

“Sometimes there are tears from the children, but usually they are just having a really good time.

“I think it’s good for the children to end their primary school experience on a high – it’s particularly important now because the last few years have been interrupted and they haven’t had time to spent with their peers.”

Miss Pasha said teachers also got to have some fun, adding: “We get a chance to enjoy it with them as well.

“Actually seeing the children not in their uniforms is a really sweet moment for us as we watch them come in and it feels rewarding watching them go.”