HIGHWAYS bosses have revealed they installed speed bumps in order to prevent car gathering and rallying.

The measures have been put in place in Smeaton Close, Colchester, after years of campaigning from businesses in Severalls Industrial Estate and nearby residents.

A series of speed bumps are now in place in intervals along the road, answering the prayers of those who longed to see disruptive behaviour impacting the site tackled.

The works were finished on June 27, much to the delight of Mile End councillor David King who vowed to support the “challenge” of dealing with anti-social driving.


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An Essex Highways spokesman said: “Our main priority is to improve the safety of all road users in the area.

“The installation of these speed bumps on Smeaton Close were completed on June 27 and were an externally funded third party scheme requested by the management company of the industrial estate.

“The speed bumps have been installed to tackle the anti-social behaviour that has occurred on many occasions, which included both car gathering and rallying.”

Mr King, who is leader of Colchester Council, added: “It has been a big worry and concern, as well as being intimidating, for residents and businesses.”