SPEED bumps have been installed at a site plagued by boy racers in a bid to put the brakes on dangerous driving.

The measures have been put in place Smeaton Close, Colchester, on the Severalls Industrial Estate, after years of disruptive behaviour impacting the site.

In 2020, a teenager was banned from driving for a year after losing control of his car and crashing into a crowd at a cruising event in Smeaton Close on Boxing Day, 2018.

Now Essex County Council has attempted to curb anti-social driving with the speed bumps installed in intervals through the road’s entirety.

Gazette: Skidmarks - damage left by boy racers outside auctioneer Reeman DansieSkidmarks - damage left by boy racers outside auctioneer Reeman Dansie

It is a move Mile End councillor David King has welcomed after campaigning for eight years to make the site safe.

He said: “Despite the length of time it’s taken to get these restrictions in place, I’m really pleased for residents who have at last got prospects of relief and I’m thrilled for them.

“There may be more peace and less disturbances for them, so I’m really grateful work has finally been completed.”

Mr King, who is the leader of Colchester Council, added he is “absolutely” up for the challenge when it comes to tackling boy racers driving anti-socially in the city.

Gazette: New - the measures at the junction with Brunel WayNew - the measures at the junction with Brunel Way

“It’s a challenge for many communities and the problem moves wherever the behaviour goes, but we’re committed to seeking remedy wherever we can and wherever the need warrants.

“Those who enjoy seizing the moment to roar down our streets have brought sustained interruption to sleep and normal life.

“It has been a big worry and concern, as well as being intimidating, for residents and businesses.”

Footage posted online of the 2018 cruising event, which was being filmed on a drone, showed a car driven by Edward Roblin attempting a “drift” manoeuvre while approaching a corner.

Gazette: Incident - the car cruising event in 2018Incident - the car cruising event in 2018

The car then disappeared out of shot before bystanders are seen rushing to help people.

At the time, police said two women, both aged 20 and from the Halstead area, and a 20-year-old man from Clacton, were taken to hospital and treated for their injuries.

Roblin, 19, later admitted dangerous driving at Colchester Magistrates’ Court and was banned from driving for a year at Chelmsford Crown Court.