ANTI-VAXXERS lined banners on a bridge as they directed their latest opposition to Covid jabs towards motorists.

Campaigners set up on the Colchester Road bridge, which provides a route over the A12 between Braiswick and West Bergholt, on Thursday morning.

Banners calling on people to not “jab the kids” were on display while drivers were encouraged to “honk for freedom” during the action.

Throughout the day, up to ten people gathered on the bridge, as others held signs stating “why vaccinate teens?” and urged residents to “bin the masks”.

The Gazette understands campaigners also returned to Tollgate's London Road roundabout in recent days.

Gazette: Campaign - the protestorsCampaign - the protestors

One concerned resident said: “I really hope their ‘right to protest’ doesn’t cause an accident and hurt someone, or worse”.

It comes as figures show about one in seven adults in Colchester are yet to receive a Covid vaccination, one year after all over-18s have been eligible to do so.

NHS England data shows 142,278 people aged 18 and over in Colchester had received a first dose of the vaccine by June 5 – at least 84.4 per cent of those in the borough.

It means 15.6 per cent remain unvaccinated.

Steven Reader, who was travelling with his family, said protestors were stationed either side with their banners in a bid to catch the attention and support of motorists.

He added: “They are the same group who apparently were at Tollgate on the weekend causing havoc with drivers”.

Gazette: Action - a protester in TollgateAction - a protester in Tollgate

Paul Townson, who was driving home on the A12 London-bound, spotted the campaigners at about 11.30am, stating it was “disheartening” to see.

Another resident said: “There are so many accidents on the A12 this probably needs reporting urgently to the police”.

Further numbers reveal the East Suffolk and North Essex Trust was caring for 63 Covid patients in its hospitals in Colchester, Clacton, Harwich and Ipswich as of Tuesday.

It represents an increase of 18 patients from the same day of the previous week.

The number of beds at the trust occupied by people who tested positive for Covid-19 has more than doubled in the past four weeks, as 28 days ago, there were 27.

A member of the campaigners was contacted for comment.