A FIRM has been told by planners a windscreen repair kiosk in a shop car park is “visually intrusive”.

Belron UK, which trades as Autoglass, had applied to Colchester Council for retrospective permission for the kiosk in the Homebase car park at Tollgate.

It had also applied for branding signs at the same site.

The kiosk had been put up without planning permission.

The firm said it would also use the kiosk to provide an advanced driver-assistance systems calibration service to its customers.

The operation used 16 car parking spaces, with five and a half for the unit and others needed to move cars onto ramps.

Stanway Parish Council objected to the plans saying it took a “dim view” of retrospective applications.

It added: “The position of the kiosk does not allow drivers leaving Homebase and turning left a clear view of the pedestrian crossing.”

Colchester Council has now rejected the proposals.

It said the kiosk would result in an “overly dominant form of development”.

The report added: “This is further exacerbated by the choice of finishing materials.

“The development has resulted in a visually dominant, visually intrusive, incongruous addition within the streetscene, to the detriment of the character and appearance of the surrounding area.”