A SINGING songstress inspired by the off-kilter beauty of jazz music dazzled shoppers with a performance inside a well-known record store.

Polly Haynes, backed by her brilliant band of talented instrumentalists, played a gig at HMV, in Culver Square Shopping Centre, Colchester, on Saturday.

The early afternoon show, which stopped vinyl-flicking customers in their tracks, was hosted as part of HMV’s Live and Local initiative.

It saw the songwriter showcase a of range of different material, providing the perfect soundtrack for shoppers searching for a new favourite album or box set.

In a statement posted on social media following her performance, Polly said: “That was a sweaty gig – thanks to HMV Colchester and Ska Blusky for having us.

“What an amazing, wonderful crowd we had too – thanks so much.”

The entertainment retailer launched its Live and Local scheme in 2019 and so far the likes of Fraser Morgan and The Wicked Ravens have played in the Colchester shop.

Artists invited to play one of the unique gigs are also given the opportunity to have their CDs or LPs stocked in-store.

A spokesman for HMV Colchester added: “A big thank you to Polly Haynes for this week’s performance.”

To find out more information visit twitter.com/hmvcolchester.