A MAMMAL expert has urged boat owners to stick to the speed limit when travelling near seals after seeing jet skis zip through a beauty spot.

Neil Marples, who is part of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue team, which was founded in 1988, wants sailors to take extra care when using the Walton Backwaters.

According to the wildlife-lover, common seal pupping season is now underway and three seals have already been spotted in the area in the past week.

With a view of keeping them safe, Mr Marples has now issued a warning to those thinking of using the backwaters – not least speeding jet ski riders.

He said: “Any boat owners using the backwaters should abide by the speed limits of six knots and four knots in the creeks to protect the seals.

“Yesterday I witnessed jet and water skiers doing in excess of 20 knots in a six knot zone very close to the seals.

“Again, if anyone finds a seal, it may well be resting, so please keep away and especially keep dogs away.

“If in any doubt please ring British Divers Marine Life Rescue and a medic will come out to assess the seal - do not attempt to put a seal back in the water.”

To contact British Divers Marine Life Rescue call 01825 765546.