WORK on what will become Colchester’s fifth McDonald’s appears to be finally getting underway at a shopping complex.

Last year Colchester Council gave developers from Schroder UK Real Estate Fund the go-ahead to open the latest fast-food restaurant and drive-thru in the town. 

The plans, which will see the McDonald’s open at the Turner Rise Retail Park, in Petrolea Close, were approved despite objections from more than 230 residents.

Many raised concerns about the increase in pollution and additional traffic it would cause, while others feared it would become a hotspot for anti-social behaviour.

Residents also said a fifth McDonalds - the others being in Colchester High Street, Cowdray Avenue, on the A12 and at Tollgate - would negatively impact public health.


Now, nearly a year on from the blueprints being given the greenlight by authority officials, building work on the development seems to be starting.

The Gazette understands the new eatery will be placed between Go Outdoors and Pizza Hut, joining the likes of Dunelm, Home Bargains and Asda.

The news of the imminent arrival of yet another McDonald's in the city has already divided opinion amongst Gazette readers.

Amy Walkinshaw, from Colchester, for example, said: "Ridiculous. Why on earth do we need another McDonald’s?”

Highlighting the volume of fast-food outlets the area already plays home to, Tracey Hutson questioned the need for an additional McDonald’s.

She said: “Isn’t there enough takeaways in Colchester as it is?”

Other residents, however, believe the new restaurant will prove more convenient for those living in north Colchester.

Foodie Wayne Burton said: “It saves ten minutes driving to the next one down the road.”


Martin Goss, leader of the Colchester Liberal Democrat Group and Colchester councillor for Mile End, strongly opposed the plans for the new McDonald’s.

He said: “The bottom line is we did not think it was a sensible place for a McDonald’s and we ran a fair campaign and got hundreds of people to support that.

“But, at the end of the day, it is going to happen now so we just have to accept it – but it is our job now to work with McDonald’s in the best interests of the area.

“We will want to ensure lengthy and adequate litter picks are taking place regularly and they keep the area clean – I will make them, clear of my expectations.”