ROADS bosses have been forced to close a residential street after the Victorian surface began to collapse.

Councillors have highlighted “grave concerns” about several sinkholes appearing in New Town, Colchester, including King Stephen Road, which has been partially closed.

Other areas struck by potholes and apparent sinkholes include Morant Road and Harsnett Road, with residents alleging they’ve been told King Stephen Road won’t be repaired until mid-August.

Highways chiefs at Essex County Council have now stated repair work in these locations are in the process of being scheduled in response to reports.

Labour councillor Lee Scordis has now voiced his frustration about the roads’ woes, stating it is becoming a “growing problem” on the Victorian roads.

Gazette: Frustrated - Lee Scordis in Morant RoadFrustrated - Lee Scordis in Morant Road

He said: “We are even seeing evidence of more appearing in other roads in New Town. The sinkhole in King Stephen Road is truly troubling, with nothing holding up part of the road.

“For over a month, residents and I have had to keep re-reporting this sinkhole until it eventually reached the state it has. All Essex Highways did was come and fill it in with some tarmac every few days.

"I have written to the cabinet member for Highways to accelerate works that should frankly have been completed weeks ago.

“Holes like this show the damaging effects of years of austerity mixed with negligence at County Hall and sadly the people of Colchester have to suffer.”

Gazette: Fed up - Lee Scordis and Sam McLeanFed up - Lee Scordis and Sam McLean

New Town and Christ Church councillor Sam McLean stressed he feels the issue is “not good enough” and should be addressed immediately.

He added: “Why does Colchester always get left behind?”

An Essex Highways spokesman stated repair work is scheduled and urged people to respect the barriers in place.

They said: “Repair work in both these locations has been reported and works in both locations are in the process of being scheduled.

“The section of King Stephen Road has been closed by barriers as part of the initial make safe work and we would ask that people do not climb across these barriers.”